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Now available Life in the Key of Gibson! The blurb: "What do a roadside wedding, a broken flowerpot, and a petrified cat have in common? They are all memorable elements of a newly released story and songbook by Mike Gibson. Inspired by true events, Life in the Key of Gibson is a collection of sixteen short stories and nineteen original songs. Filled with humor, helpful tips, and tender insights, Life in the Key of Gibson reminds you of the sweet and simple moments of your life and of those things most important."

A tribute to Jeptha and Lydia Gibson. They have long since gone, but their lives continue to run through those left behind. In additon to honoring two remarkable individuals, "In Their Own Way" touches on the bonds of love that we all share as part of a family. May we honor the legacy of those who came before us and love them in our own way.